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About Carter Josiah

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  • 2022 - Present


    Operations Administrator
    • Performing daily Trip Reconciliations for receipts and Toll fees for Drivers (DRC-Zambia-Beira-Durban Routes)
    Border and Non -Border Expenses.
    • Issue of Toll monies, Food allowance, Parking, and facilitation fees.
    • Investigate and Identify source of any discrepancies or shortages.
    • Recording of All trip sheets, Shortages in Fuel, parking balances in Excel Sheet and Forward it to Management, Driver Controller, and Accounts.
    • Tracing and Reconciliations of all Border Floats issued on Korridor system.

  • 2018 - 2022


    • Responsible for Managing purchasing, goods inwards and dispatch to ensure necessary functions are carried out correctly.
    • Develop the company’s inventory management policy with the target of controlling costs within budgetary limits, generate savings, rationalizing inventory and maximizing available working capital.
    • Ensure the maintenance of stocked products properly.
    • Manage and control perpetual and year end stock counting and accuracy check..
    • Supervising Storage of Hazardous Chemicals as per the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) requirements.
    • Minimize overstocks and take necessary action to prevent accumulation of obsolete items.
    • Ensure incoming parts are received and managed appropriately according to company procedure and proper binning process is carried out. Monitor inventory turnover and make sure the turnover ratio are meeting the industry standard. Run inventory reports on daily and monthly basis and perform detailed analysis of parts performance.
    • Develop accurate, consistent and enhancements to the inventory reporting structure.
    • Identify high and low turn inventory items and maintain communication reports for sales team.
    • Developing Procurement and Stores Systems and Procedures as per ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 Standards

    • Manage visual validation process of received parts to comply with description, package, quality and quantity reflected in the original supplier invoice.
    • Inspect and Assess quality of products received and make sure that they conform to specification and make sure INSPECTION REPORT FORM is completed.
    • Manage the purchase return process of damaged and defective parts to manufacturer.
    • Monitor the measures to deal with existing inventory and take the necessary steps to minimize the accumulation of non-moving inventory.
    • Analyze the daily movement of the inventory and Manage purchase orders accordingly.
    • Improve the inventory management arrangements and control movement of parts stock and generate reports.
    • Analyze the cost of the parts of freightliner-Argos, freightliner -century, freightliner Columbia, prepare cost sheet and update.
    • Manage the damage and discrepancy claims and ensure the receipt of credit notes.
    • Manage purchase process of Truck parts, accessories, literature and sales promotion materials..
    • Manages receiving, warehousing, and distribution per the standard operating procedures by organizing, motivating, and encouraging warehouse staff
    • Procures product by setting a purchasing schedule, coordinating with vendors, and utilizing the warehouse ordering tool to create purchase orders
    • Safeguards warehouse inventory by establishing and monitoring security procedures
    • Maintains warehouse layout and slotting both physically and systematically
    • Ensure warehouse remains clean and organized and all safety requirements are adhered to and managed
    • Ongoing analysis of stock items with a goal to ensure correct levels of stock are maintained whilst at the same time minimising dead stock.
    • Ensure constant analysis and evaluation of processes used within the department with a goal of maintaining a world class inventory management operation
    • Responsible for training, coaching, performance management, and disciplinary actions.
    • Draft Stores and Procurement Procedures in line with ISO 9001 standards-including Receiving Procedures, Issuing Procedures, Fuel and Disposal Procedures
    • Train and manage a warehouse team to solve day-to-day operational issues and reach short- and long-term performance goals
    • Develop warehouse operations systems by determining product handling and storage requirements, equipment utilization, inventory management, GATE PASS processes.
    • Managing the process of Purchase requisitions. Procurement of Spare Parts for Trucks- Freightliner, Argosy, Tyres, Freightliner Columbia and Century AND FAW TRUCK spares (300 Trucks) Fleet including Tyre Management.
    • Compare costs and evaluate the quality and suitability of supplies, materials, and equipment.
    • Drafting of Procurement, Stores Procedures, standards and Policies in line with ISO-(9001) requirements.
    • Develops requests for quotations; and confers with vendors concerning new products, damaged goods, delayed payments or related information.
    • Housekeeping and cleaning of the warehouse
    • Ordering of Depot Fuel-Petrol and Diesel.
    • Managing Receiving and Dipping of Fuel -both vehicle and Tanks
    • Stock reconciliation of daily fuel issues in SAP
    • Calibration of Fuel tanks and facilitate for their Certifications

  • 2009 - 2015


    • Requesting for quotations for various Telecommunications equipment, Construction of New Buildings, Information Communication Technology Equipment, Electrical and Construction material, Marketing and Promotional materials
    • Sourcing of supplies for Construction, Telecommunication Industry including Renovations of buildings and Electrical supplies, Marketing and Promotional materials.
    • Working closely with suppliers and customers to improve operations and reduce cost.
    • Negotiating contracts to reduce costs and achieve maximum efficiency.
    • Vendor rating, Evaluation and Monitoring.
    • Vendor development and management.
    • Supplier visits and Evaluation.
    • Evaluation of Suppliers for Pre-qualification purpose and to identify correct source for material
    • procurement.
    • Developing long-term relationships with local and foreign suppliers
    • Conduct negotiations with contractors in the light of budgetary provision, finalize comparative statements.
    • Liaise with shipping agents on custom duties, tariff classifications on procedures, documentation, insurance and bill of lading.
    • Receiving of Stock Materials both from Branches and Suppliers
    • Receiving of Starter packs (Cellphones and mobile Lines)from production department.
    • Issuing of Starter packs using GTN (goods Transfer Notes) to branches around the Country.
    • Issuing of recharge Cards to Vendors after Payment and verification of invoices, and recording of serial numbers and mobile lines in the GIV (Goods Issue Voucher).
    • Receiving and issuing of telecommunication equipment to technicians and suppliers.
    • Verification and preparation of requisitions for departments.
    • Recommending disposal of redundant and obsolete material in stock.

  • 1997 - 2009
    ZRP PGHQ National Quarter Master

    Police Officer

    Police Officer
    • Crime prevention
    • developing functional policies and strategies on security and Crime policies standing orders
    • Assessing of security environment within the area and trends with a view to advise the Officer in Charge and prefer recommendations.
    • Identify security weaknesses in the area, draw appropriate and supportable conclusions, and make recommendations to the Officer in Charge (ZRPGwanda)
    • Traffic Policing and investigations
    • General Patrol
    Warehousing and Procurement Duties Police HQ

    (ZRP National Quartermaster/Buying)
    • Analysing inventory processes and trends as well as recommending changes as required.
    • Performed physical counting of goods and raw materials in warehouse and Police Ordnance Stores.
    • Researched and reconciled daily inventory variances.
    • Co-ordinating the disposition of obsolete inventory and performing other duties as required.
    • Maintaining optimal stock levels to ensure timely availability of products to user departments and customers
    • Receiving, moving, checking and storing incoming goods.
    • Checking and inspecting goods received and ensuring they are accurate quantity type, and also acceptable quality.
    • Ensuring a clean and safe warehouse