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  • 2022 - Present


    • Dispensing correct medication including Anti-Retroviral (ART) to clients visiting a health facility, advising clients about recommended use, dosage and possible side effects of medicines;
    • Assisting in the provision of quality care, treatment, monitoring and enhanced adherence of clients to treatments provided as per protocol;
    • Adhering to best practice protocols when storing drugs and controlled substances
    • Facilitating ART refills to individuals and enhancing the Direct Service Delivery models enrollment and refills
    • Prompting collection and dispatch of client prescriptions, verifying prescription details with clinicians or prescribers whenever required
    • Compiling,reporting weekly and monthly data using ODKs;
    • Prompting and complete processing of dispensary requirements from stores at agreed reorder levels;
    • Advising the district pharmacist and manager on ART medicines stock status, months of stock and expiry dates
    • Assisting the District Manager in making sure all health facilities in the District are well replenished with ART medicines and HIV commodities
    • Capturing patient information accurately on the eLMIS system

  • 2016 - 2017


    • Ensured compliance with all health, safety and environmental regulations and with company policies and procedures through training and conducting spot checks
    • Provided administrative support for the site management
    • Processed invoices, payroll, purchase orders, expense reports and maintaining organised records
    • Established and maintained vendor relationships enabling the organisation to maximize best pricing on services
    • Responsible for purchasing office supplies and maintaining office equipment Assist in negotiation with sub-contractors and suppliers on pricing
    • Maintained staff records and assisting in dispatch of personnel, materials and tools needed to and from the construction site

  • 2010 - 2011
    Ministry of Local Government , Rural and Urban Development

    Assistant District Administrator

    • Formulated, coordinated, monitored and evaluated the implementation of
    Developmental programmes and plans for the District.
    • Coordinated the production of the ‘District Annual Rolling Developmental Plan’ in consultation with Line Ministries, Government Departments and Local Authorities.
    • Represented Local Government at District level.
    • Managed both human and financial resources allocated to the District Office.
    • Monitored, advised and supervised Local Authorities within the District to ensure that their operations are within the provisions of the appropriate statutes, policies and circulars.
    • Coordinated capacity building programmes and other related programmes for Local Authorities, so as to enhance their effective service delivery.
    • Administered the Traditional Leaders Act through maintenance of accurate records and timeous appointment of Chiefs, Headmen and Village Heads.
    • Fostered and promoted traditional and cultural social values.
    • Formulated and administered the District Civil Protection Plan in conjunction with other line Ministries, Government Departments and other stakeholders.
    • Implemented and Coordinated Government delegated duties and State functions at District level such as Independence Day Celebrations, Heroes Day Commemorations, General Elections, Census, State Assisted Funerals and others as delegated.
    • Managed State land at District level.
    • Chaired committees on Rural District Development, District Land and District Civil Protection Committees

  • 2013 - 2014

    Field Officer

    • Was the team leader
    • Trained enumerators and community members
    • Ensured that registrations were conducted well by enumerators and that targeted groups were reached
    • Ensured proper and efficient distribution of cash and food entitlements at food/cash distribution points.
    • Ensured that food commodities and cash dispatched from WFP warehouses to FDPs were received in the correct quantities and in good condition
    • Ensure that cash received was in correct amounts and was given to beneficiaries.
    • Prepare data collection tools and conduct data collection activities privacy is protected