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About me

I am a dedicated, self-motivated and proactive professional searching for suitable opportunities to utilize my extensive education and expertise and impart my knowledge and facilitate interactive and research-oriented learning. I hold a PhD in Education from the University of Freestate, MBA in Public Administration, Masters in Educational Administration and Policy Planning Studies and a  Bachelors Degree in Education. My CV, uploaded on this platform, further details my education, skills and experience.



  • 2016 - 2019
    Bindura University of Science Education (BUSE)

    Teaching Practice Supervisor

    • Supporting and supervising students in the practice learning environment.
    • Assisting in the professional growth and development of the teacher candidate’s knowledge, skills and dispositions.
    • Reviewing best practices, providing feedback essential to student teacher development,
    • Providing evaluation during student teaching experiences regarding teaching abilities, and encouraging incorporation of forum information into classroom instruction, interpersonal skills, communication skills, classroom management, lesson development, planning and organizing lessons, teaching methodologies,
    • Observing and evaluating student teachers’ performances in appropriate classroom settings, discussing the content of those evaluations with the student teachers, recommending and/or teaching methods or alternatives for improving deficient areas,
    • Mentoring student teachers and engendering a professional attitude for the teaching profession, and providing written evaluations for inclusion in the university’s course grading.
    • Contributing to the overall success of the University by facilitating student teaching forums, serving as a portfolio advisor and evaluator of the student teachers by advising undergraduate students, and performing other duties as assigned.

  • 2005 - 2010
    Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education

    District Education Officer (Zaka District)

    • Supervision of Primary and Secondary Schools in the district.
    • Monitoring of projects carried out by schools in the district
    • Promoting professional development of headmasters and teachers in the district
    • Monitoring infrastructure development in the schools
    • Ensuring that schools in the district are properly staffed.

  • 1993 - 2005
    Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education

    Headmaster (Mutimwi High School-Zaka)

    • Planning and executing the vision/mission of the school in the daily operations of the school in pursuance of the curriculum
    • Responsible for all administrative functions of the school
    • Selecting, training, supporting and assessing staff
    • Recruiting and oversee students enrolment and disciplining, including exclusion when necessary as well as developing individual talents to the best possible ends.
    • The interface between the school and its stakeholders – parents and parent bodies, government, society/community, etc.
    • Maintaining discipline while creating an enabling environment for staff and students to flourish

  • 1984 - 1992
    Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education

    Teacher to HOD to Senior Master to Deputy Head- (Temeraire High School- Mashava)

    • Teaching English language and Literature
    • Providing leadership as the head of the English department.
    • Assisting in the administration of the school.
    • Assisting in the support and assessment of fellow staff members.


Exams Marking
Report writing
Articles writing