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About Alexander Masunda

  • Academic Level Master’s Degree
  • Age 33 - 37 Years
  • Industry Development
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About me

I’m Alexander Masunda, born on the 14TH of September 1990  being the last born in a family of three, happily married and a father of two daughters. I was brought up in a Christian home and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal lord and saviour in 2004. I am a holder of an Honours Degree in Sociology from the University of Zimbabwe (2013), Master of Science Degree in Counselling from the Zimbabwe Open University (2020) and currently laying foundation towards studying my Doctorate focusing on Mental Health among-st the Generation Z.

I am passionate about transforming Young people into responsible citizens, help them realize their gifts and reach full potential within the market space and social livelihoods. Particularly towards  African youths, hence one long term goals is to help develop, manage and run programme embattled on spreading financial education to my fellow African brothers and sisters.

I have worked for a Law firm as a Claims Administrator (Jambo Legal), Financial Investment Company as a Loans Officer (First Choice Finance), and a College as an Assistance Lecturer (Denmark Training Institute). I have been involved with Young life Zimbabwe since 2014 as a Volunteer Leader  and became a full-time Area Director (Chitungwiza) in November 2016. In 2018 I moved into a new Area (Midlands-Gweru) where I am currently doing ministry. I have also attended Young Life Africa/Middle East Intensive Leadership Training as a volunteer Leader in Tanzania 2016 (Rika Nane). I believe the little experience I gained from these organisations qualifies myself to the position above referenced. Below are few of my career highlights


  • Working for aLaw firm as a Claims Administrator, my main duties included, performing final claims recoveries between Insurance Companies and Third parties. Directly negotiate payment plans as per Insurance Cover with both Clients and Third Part Insurance my negotiation skills grew vastly here. Maintaining grand-office portfolio, monitoring daily claim payments and prepare weekly progress and recovery reports, this was a game changer in my daily planning routine. I gained vast experience in legal relations, claims and insurance analysis, developing of payment plans, due diligence and general social relations.
  • I tutored Social Sciences(Sociology) at Denmark Training Institute during year 2014 to both Tertiary Students and O and A Level This was an exciting period of my career as it was part realization of my life long term goals through sharing knowledge, life skills and being a role model. I worked with Kids and adults from different background hence the most gained experience from that stint was to tailor make ways/programmes to ensure every Kid gets the better understanding of the course so that they reach their full potential.
  • Working for a localMicrofinance as a Loan Officer for a little closer to a year greatly assisted in my practical financial management As a Loans Officer I was responsible for maintaining client level microloan portfolio, recruitment, selection and orientation of new clients. Monitoring loan repayments and prepare daily, weekly, and monthly status reports and submit to the head office on daily basis. Managing client lending processes, files, cash flows and registers in current organized. This created a robust experience in handling huge financial portfolios.

Overally, I do believe I have excellent interpersonal skills including but not limited to: innovative abilities to think outside the box, critical thinking and analysis of complex situations and above all willingness to learn in situations where I’m not well versed with the matter at hand